Music is powerful and effective medium in our society. Since the beginning of time, music has played a role in inspiring, entertaining, and motivating humans.

Lately in the United States, due to lack of funding, music has a less significant presence in modern curriculum. Nevertheless, many youth pursue their passion for creating music. The purpose of TMC is to support these musicians in their goals of creating and distributing their music, while also introducing them to the broader range of careers in the music industry and encouraging them to seek higher education to enter that field.


San Diego County high school students interested in pursuing a career in music will have the opportunity to work with mentors including college students and professors, as well as industry professionals and celebrities. TMC students will not only polish their musicianship and industry skills, but actually record/produce their music to be distributed in the marketplace. Experienced music industry professionals and college level students and professors will facilitate the recording/marketing processes. In addition to recording time, participants will attend periodic classes/meetings to regroup and discuss their progress producing and marketing their music.

TMC is a year long program held on weekends and after school. During the fall, students are recruited, and the final 12 students are selected in December.  We also have an upscale fundraising event in December.  During the months of January through March, students meet periodically to learn about the music industry by touring college music departments, recording studios, record labels, entertainment law panel meetings, musicians unions, concert venues, and other industry events to meet and hear from various professionals.  There will also be 2 field trips to Hollywood/LA to visit recording studios, meet with industry professionals, and attend concerts.  The recording sessions at Studio West will be held during March and April.  There will be a wrap party/showcase/fundraiser in May.

TMC is a project of the Consensus organizing Center at SDSU. We admit only 12 students each year. We’re searching for students who want to make their dreams of making music a reality. There is no cost to students. If you feel you might have what it takes to make it in the music biz, do not hesitate to apply now! At the end of the program, students will have professional quality recordings of their music and will have their music published.


  1. Provide resources for teen musicians to actualize their dreams in the music industry
  2. Educate students on the wide range of career paths in the music industry and encourage them to seek post-secondary education
  3. Develop community leaders by encouraging students to see music as a way to engage their communities to fight for social change
  4. Supplement high schools’ underfunded music programs
  5. Contribute to the world’s body of music through San Diego’s young musical talents

Detailed Project Description

TMC is a one-year program:

September-November – Recruit Students and Fundraiser
Interested students apply to the program and based on certain criteria (behavior, academic achievement, musical ability, signs of dedication), we admit the 12 most qualified students.  During this time, we also finalize the year’s curriculum and all other administrative structures. Finally, we hold a welcome reception hosted by special guests from the music industry and advise the students to prepare the music they wish to record during the summer.

January-March – Meetings and Field Trips
Students meet to learn about the music industry.  Each meeting students travel to SDSU, recording studios, record labels, musicians unions, venues, and other industry locations to meet and hear from various professionals.  There will also be 2 field trips to Hollywood, CA to visit recording studios, meet with industry professionals, and attend behind-the-scenes events.

March-April – Recording Sessions and Wrap Party
Students have the opportunity to record their original music in San Diego’s premier professional recording studio, Studio West.  There will also be a fundraising event/showcase where participants will perform some of the songs they recorded and have the opportunity to meet leaders in the community, including special celebrity musical guests.