Rubi Aguilar Award

rubi aguilar award consens organizing centerRubi Aguilar is one of the first graduates of the Step-Up Program. Rubi came to the United States with her mother and three siblings from Mexico at the age of seven. Since the age of twelve, Rubi understood the importance of a higher education and strived for the best academically; she even graduated in the top five percent of her high school class. After graduating from the Step-Up Program Rubi became even more excited about going to college and began researching which colleges to apply for. During her search, she discovered because she did not have a social security number and would have to pay out of state tuition. Devastated, Rubi did not give up on her dream of going to college and instead began working below minimum wage jobs to raise money to pay for her admission fees to a university. Months before graduating from high school Rubi was notified that she was accepted on merit to San Diego State University. However, Rubi did not stop there, she began speaking to politicians and writing them letters about the injustices against people like herself who did not come by choice to this country, yet still wanted an education. In 2001, the governor of California gave Rubi and thousands of other students in similar circumstances as Rubi the status of Californians and the opportunity to go to college through Assembly Bill (AB) 540. The Rubi Aguilar Award is given to students who despite overwhelming obstacles have worked to successfully achieve their goals.

Recipients of the Rubi Aguilar Award

2003 Yahira Martinez

2004 Raquel Ramirez

2005 Carla Cayanan

2006 Lily Martinez

2008 Deyce Gomez

2009 Carmen Monea Jimenez

2010 Mei Sun Hong

2011 Roberto Carcamo

2012 Virginia Morales

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