drums1Select San Diego County high school students interested in pursuing a career in music now have the opportunity to work with mentors including college students and professors, as well as industry professionals and celebrities. TMC students will not only polish their musicianship and industry skills, but actually record/produce their music to be distributed in the marketplace. Experienced music industry professionals, and college level students and professors will facilitate the recording/marketing processes. In addition to recording time, participants will attend periodic classes/meetings to regroup and discuss their progress producing and marketing their music.

TMC is a summer program (May-Aug). Students meet weekly to learn about the music industry. Each week students travel to colleges, recording studios, record labels, musician’s unions, concert venues, and other industry locations to meet and hear from various professionals and record their music. There will also be 2 field trips to Hollywood/LA to visit recording studios, meet with industry professionals, and attend concerts.

TMC is a project of the Consensus organizing Center at SDSU. We admit only 12 students each year. We’re searching for students who want to make their dreams of making music a reality. There is no cost to students. At the end of the program, students will have professional quality recordings of their music and will have their music published.