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Consensus Organizing Center
Public Trainings

Public Trainings Overview

The Consensus Organizing Center provides valuable and effective training on the Consensus Organizing Model. Trainings are facilitated by our Lead Trainer, Dr. Jessica Robinson, and Executive Director, Jennifer Cosio. These forums provide community members, residents, business owner, faith-based representatives, non-profits, and politicians an opportunity to learn how to utilize the Consensus Organizing Model to establish and maintain partnerships, discover grant opportunities, identify key stakeholders, and build mutual self-interest while creating sustainable programs with long-lasting outcomes.



“The workshops led by Jessica Robinson and Jennifer Cosio helped my group of educators better understand how to leverage relationships and local resources to bring about positive change within the community. Understanding that community organizing does not have to be a zero sum power struggle, where I need to take your power to have power, allows us to change our perception of how we work with partners and the community. The Consensus Organizing Center gave us new perspective on the dynamics of community building.”

– Darren Schwartz, Director, Motiv San Diego

“Jennifer Cosio and Jessica Robinson led a consensus organizing training for nonprofit co-working community. Several of us had attending the women’s march together and were looking for a way to channel our hopes and desires for change. This training provided us with practical tools for finding mutual self-interest with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds in order to implement the change that could benefit us all. The training was engaging and informative!”

– Jenny Camhi, Senior Manager, Leichtag Foundation

“I can honestly say that the greatest impact on my professional practice as been the work of the Consensus Organizing Center. The training changed my thinking, challenged me in many of the traditional ways I looked at community work and has unleashed a passion within me that continues years after my initial introduction to this paradigmatic work. The support from the staff was unparalleled and they patiently helped me to understand and apply the model to my ministry. My highest recommendation is for anyone who is interested in community work to get to the Consensus Organizing Center as fast as possible. Hang on it will change your life!”

– John Hughes, CEO, METRO Community Ministries

“Our network at Georgia EmpowerMEnt has enjoyed partnership and technical assistance, facilitated learning and coaching opportunities with the Consensus Organizing Center (COC) for almost a decade. We have experienced COC colleagues as attentive, collaborative, organized and professional. Young leaders who drive the work of EmpowerMEnt forward have attributed their exposure to and experience with COC to their increased skills and capacity to collaborate and build bridges with Adult Supporters and Community Partners to accomplish their advocacy goals, and open doors for other youth/their peers in their communities. Young leaders within the EmpowerMEnt network have consistently evaluated their training experience with COC at a 5 on a 1-5 scale. For anyone or organization seeking an approach through which residents are authentically engaged, trained and equipped to drive their own solutions first-hand, from direct expertise and experience, in partnership with the community – Consensus Organizing offers that approach.”

– Sarah Bess Hudson, Lead Facilitator, EmpowerMEnt, Multi-Alliance Agency for Children



  • $250 per hour for lead trainer; $187.50 per/hour for each additional trainer.
  • Trainings are tailored to your agency/organizations’ needs/opportunities
  • Most trainings require at minimum two trainers
  • 2 hour minimum/no maximum


For more information about our trainings or to book a training, please contact Lead Trainer, Dr. Jessica Robinson at

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